Dear Community Manager

You are leading a community of individuals who obviously share common interests, their way of living or unusual ways of thinking, learning or experiencing.


Whether your community activities are happening online or face-to-face, in local areas or throughout the globe - if you can answer at least one of the following questions with ‘yes’, you should have a closer look at what KayX has to offer.

If one of these questions piqued your interest, the KayX services can assist you and all your community members in multiple ways.

KayX is here to help join forces of awakened and trustworthy people in real life for a better tomorrow, where humanity arises as one peaceful race to join other galactic civilizations!


Does your community deal with sensitive topics or complete anonymity?


Do you want to demonstrate how your community is part of a global community network that follows the greater vision of humanity’s ascension to a prospering future in a positive, peaceful and sustainable way, like proposed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals?


Would it be helpful for you to easily identify the top contributors, most trusted individuals within your community in order to promote, support or employ them? Would it also be helpful to identify trolls who intentionally try to damage your community climate by insulting others or using bad language?


Are you looking to grow and expand your community? And if so, does it make sense to do so through word-of-mouth within the entire network to get new like-minded members interested in your offers?


Would it benefit you and your community to get in touch face-to-face for discussion, collaboration or co-creation in order to advance activities around your community topics?


Do you have a desire to organize more face-to-face meet-ups between you and your community for special events and gatherings wherever you are in the world (i.e. You’re speaking at a conference and want to organize an in-person get together to meet your community/fans face-to-face?)

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How does KayX help you?

By joining forces with the KayX network, you gain access to a lot of marketing functions, valuable data and other benefits:


Just by being accepted to join KayX your community demonstrates its engagement for a good cause and the alignment with the greater vision of KayX: Humanity’s progress for a better tomorrow.

Reach out

Your community automatically starts growing by word-of-mouth through all your active members.

Advertise your activity

You can notify your members around selectable locations about activities in your community.


At your discretion, KayX will include info about your community into our KayX marketing channels.

Rely on contributors