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What does the brand ‘KayX’ mean?

If you have maybe checked out our ‘About KayX’ you are aware of our vision to reach Type-1 on the Kardashev-Scale as humanity within the next 100 years or earlier. In literature the different types on the Kardashev-Scale are often referred to as K-1, K-2, K-3, etc. Considering that by reaching our goal of K-1 does not end the journey, but rather goes beyond to the next goal K-2 and so on, we decided to have K-X in our brand name, and eventually chose ‘KayX’ as the nicer phonetic expression.

Why are the Community Guidelines that strict?

As you can read in various places on our website and app: On KayX, it’s all about respectful and trustworthy relationships between humans, and in our special way of connecting people it’s our daily business to introduce you to strangers. Doing so, our Prime Directive is to create a basis for as trustworthy relationships as possible, and as anonymity and trust are mutually exclusive, we strongly encourage all KayX users to use their real names and photos in their profile, to commit to a respectful conversation at all times with no exception, and also to invite only people to KayX that are willing to respect these guidelines. We are aware this is different from many social networks, but that’s on purpose. We are building a community of cultural creative people who want to help saving the world, and if you are aligned with this mission, there’s no reason to hide.

What is my ‘Frequency’?

The light that we can see, the sounds that we can hear – all of it is frequency, and the ranges of visible and audible frequencies for humans are just mini-fractions of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. There’s no doubt that a lot more of what goes on in physics and beyond has to do with oscillations of some kind. That’s why many people believe that even our consciousness is somehow connected with frequencies and that we influence it by the way we live. A higher frequency is considered to represent a higher state of consciousness and one option to raise your own frequency can be to surround yourself with other people at higher frequencies. That’s why we use this analogy to show your activity and contribution with the KayX community compared to its average – it’s not scientific and doesn’t represent an actual unit of measure, it’s just an indication that should motivate you to be an active and valuable community member.

Is my personal data shared with other services?

No. All data that we ask you for is used for the services of KayX and its members. Any news, events or information from specific tribes are being shared with you by us, not by providing your data to any third party.

Matching & Introductions

Looks like I am the first in my vicinity, so what can I do now?

Maybe it sounds strange at the first moment, but invite your friends! This will make sense for you very soon once your friends do the same, from here on there will appear people you don’t know yet.

Why do I need to share my location?

One of the main functions of the KayX app is to introduce you to like-minded people possibly close to your current location, whether you are at home or traveling. This would not make sense at all if we don’t know your current location. However, others can see only their rough distance to you, we don’t show your exact position!

Why do people appear again even if I selected "LATER"?

Maybe you selected ‘Later’ by mistake, or just the timing wasn’t right with that specific person – that’s why a person might appear again up to two times. If you select ‘Later’ each time, we don’t show that person again.


Why don’t I see all tribes other users are member of?

There are tribes on KayX that want to have more privacy than others, same with KayX users. That’s why we show just the users tribes in common with you on the Connect screen. However, the idea is to get connected with other people, start a conversation, discuss any topics you like (including other tribes) and then optionally invite each other to more tribes.

How can I start my own tribe?

In case you are leading a community that is working on topics to make our world a better place in a peaceful and respectful way, please get in touch with us and we’ll figure out if KayX is the right place for your tribe and vice versa. If you just want to gather your friends on KayX, simply use it and get connected – what evolves in your list of connections is actually your personal tribe! And don’t hesitate to let us know how we can improve this experience for you in the future.

What are Meeting Vibes and why do I have to share that data?

On KayX, it’s all about respectful and trustworthy relationships between humans. But relationships can be very different, there is no objective good or bad, because relationships are very personal – what’s good for a specific person can be not so good for another. That’s why we would never rate people. What we invite you to do is to save your personal ‘vibes’ that you take away after meeting someone. Don’t worry and be honest, it’s for your own records only and is not published or shared with anyone else. We are using this data for statistics only.

Other questions?

If you need more answers, just write to us directly at or use the form below:


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