About us

Evolution happens one personal connection at a time!

KayX is a Global network who’s primary mission is to connect open and like-minded individuals who value developing personal relationships as a means to positively advance civilization into the next frontier of human evolution.

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The KayX platform was inspired by the late Prof. Nikolai S. Kardashev, inventor of the well known Kardashev scale - a model that measures civilization’s level of advancement through a series of self sustainable approaches to living, including its Global energy consumption.

The scale is determined by measuring civilization’s growth ranging from Type “0” - our current state to its next phase of Type “1,” eventually reaching a level of Type 3 in which humanity will be considered a Galactic civilization.

KayX’ mission is to assist humanity in reaching Type One within the next 100 years!

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Our approach...

In a world that is increasingly being dominated by social media networks which are used by many as a primary mode of communication and relationship development, we have lost sight of many of the basic and necessary tools for true advancement through real human interaction.


We expect more from technology and less from each other.

Sherry Turkle, author of Alone Together

Though the overuse of modern technology can act as an inhibitor for real life personal relationships, it can also be used as a tool to bring people together in the real world.

This is why KayX was developed as a user-friendly smart phone app that will harness the best of both worlds by acting as a means by which people who share common interests from all over the planet can get together in real life and in real time!

The KayX smartphone app matches and connects people sharing specific topic interests within a geographic area in order to meet up face-to-face.

Invite-only access, real names and vibes feedback guarantee better matching results, respectful interactions and inspiring encounters with a leap of faith and a prospering future.

Type One or Bust

More about what makes KayX a powerful tool for humanity’s evolution

Though self sustainability through creative use of natural resources is a primary factor in reaching Type One on the Kardashev scale, the KayX platform has built a number of additional key components into its platform that we feel holds equal value in assisting us in reaching this critical goal.