Evolution happens

one personal connection

at a time!

We are all here on planet earth for a purpose.  Whether to follow a life path or blaze a trail for ourselves and others, each of us has an individual and collective purpose and mission.

KayX is here to assist in that mission by offering you the opportunity to meet up and participate with others whose interests you share in common.

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Do you feel a responsibility to our ever-changing environment?

Do you have a thirst to explore the outer limits of the universe?


Are you interested in learning more about and participating in technological advancement?​

Are you an experiencer of the unusual and anomalous or simply would like to learn more about how these areas fit into the big picture of reality?


Or is the idea of personal spiritual development important to you?

Purpose driven

This is what KayX is all about

Start with a tribe

Upon your initial sign up into the KayX app you will automatically be a part of the “Kay X Tribe” where team members can assist in getting you linked up with relevant tribes according to the interests you choose below. From there we will help in connecting you with amazing people you can meet who share your interests.

Just send us a message about what you’re seeking and we can start from there.

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Connection is Key

Interested in space travel? Have an idea about how to help better our environment? Explore people around you interested in the same topics as you and get together.

Allow your location and get online

Find people nearby

Start chatting with them

Schedule a meeting

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Get Invited to Tribes

When you connect with others, you’ll expand opportunities for getting invited or joining new tribes, plus learn more about who else is interested in the things you love most.

See what tribes you share with others

Chat with your connections

Meet and check your vibes

Invite and get invited

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Track Your Involvement

We reward the number of connections, tribes and meetings you have using KayX, so you and others can help connect the right people to each other.

Grow your frequency

Connections badges

Tribe badges

Meetings badges

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Community Guidelines


These are the values that guide our community and we respectfully ask for all users to agree to them before entering the KayX community and using the app.

Be Authentic

Please introduce yourself as a genuine person. Use your real name and real photos of yourself on your profile information.

Be Respectful

Respect each and every community member. It’s okay to disagree but don’t be disagreeable.

Be Responsible

KayX is an invite-only community. Each member and their referrals must be fully responsible for all interaction.


About us

The KayX platform was inspired by the late Prof. Nikolai S. Kardashev, inventor of the well known Kardashev scale - a model that measures civilization’s level of advancement through a series of self sustainable approaches to living, including its Global energy consumption.

KayX’ mission is to assist humanity in reaching Type One within the next 100 years!

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash


Connect with us

KayX is based in Vienna, Austria. If you need anything, just write to us directly at connect@kayx.vision or use the form below.


Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Help us improve

The KayX app is now available in stores and we’re working hard to constantly improve its functionality to better serve you and ensure you have a pleasant and rewarding experience!


Help us out by taking a few moments to tell us what you think so far, by filling out this form.